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A symposium at Al-Karkh University of Science on the protection of consumer

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Updated   10/04/2017 9:02 AM

  College of remote sensing and geophysics at Al-karkh university of science organized a symposium on the protection of consumer and supporting the national product , in collaboration with standardization and quality control device .

  The symposium included a lecture delivered by professor Nihad Sadoon Ghani  which included two axes : the first axis on the Iraqi economy and reconstruction after  the elimination of terrorism through Iraqi industry , as a way to support our products and revive the Iraqi economy and eliminate unemployment . the second axis included the definition of the procedures followed by standardization and quality control device to reduce the phenomenon of flooding the market with exotic  goods and protect the Iraqi product.

  The most important recommendations of this symposium are the necessity to issue a monthly bulletin in visual and interactive media aims at introducing goods which are failure laboratory , activating the private sector , motivate consumers to support the national product and  open communication channels to audience to enable them to submit their complaints and  inquiries about products and services .




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