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Al-Karkh University of Science organizes a lecture on oil exploration and production

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Updated   11/04/2017 11:14 AM

  College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics, Al-Karkh University of Science organized a lecture on oil exploration and production, with the participation of researchers and specialists.

  The lecture was delivered by Dr. Ahmed Askar Najaf, where he explained the types of organic materials and how to transform them into crude oil through decomposition and heat exposure underground and contacting with the bacteria. In addition of explaining the process of oil extraction and oil production in the fields of Iraq, and the study of depletion of  some oil wells.

  The aim of this lecture is to show the importance of geophysics in the exploration of oil wells and oil extraction with simple financial cost and effort, and identifying the proper ways to dig wells , as well as studying the performance  of oil field during the extraction process.  


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