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Al-Karkh University of Science participates in the first conference on “the role of statistics in the...

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Updated   25/04/2017 10:41 AM

  A delegation from Department of Studies and Planning at Al-Karkh University of Science participated in the first conference of statistical specialties, which was held under the slogan “the role of statistics in the development of the society” at the institute of Management, in the presence of Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Dr. Ali Al-Alaq and a number of Presidents of Universities and Deans of Colleges.

  The director of department of studies and planning said “statistics has a vital role in the processes of construction and development , and it is a common factor in all sciences, and that Al-Karkh University has given a priority to the statistical aspect and data analysis according to the e-governance systems in order to build a solid and accurate base that will Commensurate with the futuristic plans of the University”.


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