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The Second Location of the University

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Updated   14/09/2017 1:19 PM

    The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Sciences, Dr. Thamir A. Hassan, visited the second location of the University in the Amiriya district, accompanied by the Vice-Chancellor of the University for Scientific Affairs Dr. Luai Kazim Abboud and a number of staff and employees of the University.

    During the visit, the Chancellor met the members of the committee appointed by the Al-Karkh University of Sciences to receive the buildings of the second site of University of Baghdad. The Chancellor also discussed the notes given by the appointed committee. He directed to develop a plan for the rehabilitation of the college buildings and facilities. He also urged to provide the University with specialiststo work in the new established colleges to be developed later according to the approved development plan within the strategy of education approved by UNESCO.


The meeting was followed by a visit to the buildings, classrooms and laboratories, which were allocated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Al-Amiriya district to carry out the future plan for Al- Karkh University of Sciences. 

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