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Al-Karkh University of Science hosts the creative camp of the organization Without Borders

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Updated   22/09/2019 10:31 AM

Without Borders organization for Supporting Human Rights organized a creative camp in cooperation with Al-Karkh University of Science, with the participation of a number of students of the orphanage in the presence of the chancellor of the University, Dr. Thamir A.A. Hasan and a number of university instructors and professors.


Dr. Thamir A. A. Hasan said that the university is keen to attend and participate in such events because of its impact on the souls of vulnerable groups, including orphans, pointing to the university's belief in the psychological and educational role and the importance of being with them to compensate for the tenderness they have lost as a result of the circumstances they went through. He emphasizes depth of the human and psychological message that is addressed to orphaned children, especially in light of the presence of a good selection of addresses of the community of instructors and university professors.


The camp, which was organized under the banner of Hussein is a message for life, included several lectures on how to build a distinct personality, the preparation of the preparing a skillful photographer, building student role models, and principles of the spirit of the one team.


The camp, which lasted for three days, aims to build role models in students and develop their creative and technical skills and encourage them to work together and volunteer.


At the end of the camp, President of the organization, Ihab Kadhim Al-Jourani, awarded a certificate of appreciation to the chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science Prof. Dr. Thamir A. A. Hasan for his outstanding contribution to the success of the organization's educational program (Hussein Al-Hayat Mission) in addition to his support to the organization activities to serve our beloved Iraq.













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