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Higher Education: On Science Day Awards

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Updated   30/01/2020 6:00 AM

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the specializations and conditions of nomination for the science day awards, Director General of Research and Development, Dr. Ghasan Hameed Abdul Majeed said.


Dr. Abdul Majeed highlighted that the submission will be via the website of the Department of Entrepreneurship Projects, Directorate of Research and Development.


Dr. Abdul Majeed added that the general specialties are:-

Medical and Health Sciences.
Engineering and Technological Sciences.
Pure sciences.
Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences.
Social Sciences.
Human Sciences.
Dr. Abdul Majeed continued by saying that the awards are:-

The outstanding university award 2018.
The outstanding research unit or center research award 2018.
The outstanding Iraqi scientific journal award 2018.
The outstanding published research in the recognized international scientific journals for faculty members and postgraduate students award 2018.
The patents and intellectual property award 2018.
The outstanding authored or translated book award 2018
Project for outstanding final classes’ students’ award 2018.
Students for creative volunteer group work award 2018
Dr. Abdul Majeed reviewed that the nomination conditions are:-

The submission should be via the website of the Entrepreneurial Projects Department (
The candidate should be exclusively a student or an employee in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
The participated works should be exclusively for the year 2018.
The participation for more than one of the above awards is eligible.
The candidate should provide validate information.
 Dr. Abdul Majeed also reviewed that the submission and entering the information in the electronic form for the purpose of participation should be on not after Sunday, 20/10/2019.

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