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A workshop at Al-Karkh University of Science on the economic feasibility of using solar energy in Iraq

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Updated   30/01/2020 8:11 AM

Al-Karkh University of Science organized a workshop on the economic feasibility of using solar energy in Iraq, with the participation of a number of faculty members and researchers.


The workshop included a lecture given by Dr. Muhammad Hussein Ali, who explained the advantages and obstacles of using solar energy as an alternative to producing clean energy, and the economic feasibility of using solar panels in providing electrical energy in government institutions.


The workshop included a detailed explanation of the batteries used in storing electric energy and the difference between lithium batteries and regular batteries, in terms of the advantage of lithium batteries by force and their contribution to improving the environment, through reducing the use of fossil fuels, by allowing the storage of solar and wind energy, and other renewable sources.


The workshop aims to encourage the use of renewable energies in saving energy sources, in a way that contributes to preserving the environment and reducing pollution.


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