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Al-Karkh University of Science organizes a lecture on the mathematical model to study the  of epidemics

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Updated   22/05/2020 4:06 PM

Within the activities of the official electronic platform of the university under the patronage of the Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Professor Dr. Thamir A. A, Hassan, Al-Kakrh University of Science organized a lecture entitled: 

"The Mathematical Model SIR to Study Spread of Epidemics" 


The lecture given by the lecturer in the College of Energy and Environmental Science at Al-Karkh University of Science, Dr. Thamer Khalil, included a detailed explanation of the model, which symbolizes susceptible people to the epidemic, the infected and the recovered.


The lecture included identifying how a model relies on the coefficient of friction between the population in addition to how to form differential equations in this model in order to describe the rate of increase in the number of infections and the number of recovering among the population. It is assumed that the rate of transmission to people and their exposure to the virus is distributed regularly, taking into account a factor of Time which is of great importance in the transmission of infection between the infected persons on the one hand and the recovered ones on the other.


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