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Chancellor of Al-Karkh University receives an appreciation letter from His Excellency the Minister of...

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Updated   11/01/2017 1:44 PM

  Chancellor of Al-Karkh University, Prof. Dr. Thamir A. Hassan received an appreciation letter from His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil al-Issa, for obtaining a patent about manufacturing multi-target device (Auto – Manual) with the international classification number (F41G9 / 00).

  For his part, Dr. Thamir said that he is continuing with his work to build a typical
University that compete its counterparts Universities on the regional and international level, and to put forth all the efforts that will help to develop and improve the educational level for the students in order to be supportive of the Iraqi labor market.

  It recalls that Prof. Dr. Thamir has obtained eleven patents in the engineering, medical and technological fields.



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