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The President of Al-Karkh University of Science met the faculty members 

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Updated   03/04/2019 9:10 AM

The President of Al-Karkh University of Science met the faculty members with the attendance of the vice-president for the administrative affairs Dr. Raaid Nawfee Hassan and with the deans of the colleges. 

The university president said, "we congratulate the faculty members and the affiliates on the occasion of the Teacher's Day." He confirmed that the university will keep implementing its strategy in sustaining the labour market by providing rare scientific specializations. 

The meeting also focused on the fundamentals, regulations, and conditions of the the application of the credits system at the university and the university president directed to form organizational committees in the colleges that should work on the implementation of the new system in the next study year within the regulations of the ministry of higher education and scientific research. 

The university president confirmed the registration of the instructors in the research reliable websites within the international indexes, referring to the instructors about the necessity of following correct steps in writing research papers and explaining the mechanism of publication and the weak points that they should avoid when trying to publish in the scientific rigorous journals.


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