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Workshop at Al-Karkh University of Science on the evaluation of scientific departments

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Updated   27/05/2019 8:09 AM

The Department of Quality Assurance at Al-Karkh University of Science and organized a workshop on the evaluation of the scientific departments in the presence of the university president Prof. Dr. Thamir A. Hassan, the vice-president for the administrative affairs, Dr. Raed Nofi Hassan, and the deans of the colleges.


The workshop included a lecture by the head of the quality assurance department at the university, Dr. Oras Taha, and he discussed several features and the most important ones are the discussion of the evaluation form of the scientific departments, the form of measuring the institutional performance of the public universities and discussing the SWOT analysis.


The workshop aims to study the mechanisms and requirements required to be listed within the international classifications and according to the governmental program.






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