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The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science meets the students who live in the dormitories

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Updated   23/02/2020 6:54 AM

The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Professor Dr. Thamir A. A.Hassan visited the dormitories of the university in Al-Amiriya district, and met the students to find out their needs.


The University Chancellor said, “It is a great feeling when you spend two nights in the dormitories among your university students; you will feel happy when you are surrounded by a great youth who are concerned with completing their scientific path while living away from their families and their warmth of tenderness"


He added, "how a great thing when you feel your achievement for them and you spare no effort in seeking to spread love and enhance your self-confidence and abilities! it is a great feeling you meet your students in the beautiful nights with pleasant weather, exchanging dialogue, poetry, smiles and laughs"


The Chancellor, after listening to their demands, stresses that the university presidency will meet the students needs and he described them as "good men", saying, "I will be among them every month, if God willing, to stand between my sons who miss their families and their beautiful people."


For their part, the students expressed their thanks to the fatherly feelings of the Chancellor of the University and thanked him for his continuous support to the students living in the dormitories in particular and to the university students in general.


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