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The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science holds a meeting with a number of students of the first...

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Updated   23/02/2020 6:59 AM

The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Professor Dr. Thamir A. A. Hassan, held a meeting with a number of students of the first stage,in the presence of the deans of colleges and faculty members.


The Chancellor of the University during the meeting presented a set of moral and scientific messages to students, namely the necessity of commitment to attendance , creating a spirit of perseverance among them, and setting themselves an example to be a way to fight corruption.


He added, "building a person starts from setting a goal for themselves in life, to establish a culture of love and cooperation, in a way that serves the society ans corrects it." He urges the students to prepare for the monthly tests at the university.


In conclusion, the Chancellor of the University listened to the requests and needs of students, especially students living in the dormitories, and promised to solve and overcome difficulties and obstacles facing them. On their part, the students welcmed the step of the university Chancellor in meeting them and listening to their needs as he always encourages the motivational and communicative meeting with the students to support the educational process at the university.


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