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Under the patronage of the Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Professor Dr. Thamir A. A....

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Updated   12/05/2020 6:21 AM

The lecture presented by Dr. Hani Jasim Kabashi from the University of Austin, UK, included a detailed explanation of the optical fibers: Femtosecond: Fiber Laser and its applications.


The lecture included the interpretation of scientific results using the spatiotemporal evolution and discussing applications of these lasers in the fields of studies of natural phenomena as well as in the fields of industry and medicine.


The workshop aims to identify the designs for ultra-short optical fiber lasers that were implemented by the lecturer and the mechanism for generating Femtosecond pulses using various methods, including carbon nanotube particles.


This lecture included an intervention by the Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, who welcomed the attendees and praised the work of the platform and the guest Lecturer, stressing the importance of the topic  which is optical fibers and their applications in industrial fields.


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