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A joint research team from the universities of Al-Mustansiriya and Al-Karkh University of Science...

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Updated   12/05/2020 6:31 AM

The patent of its research team, consisting of teaching staff at Al-Mustansiriya University, Dr. Abdul-Jabbar Khalaf Attia, Dr. Muhammad Faraj Shadir, Dr. Sahar Abdullah Kazem and researcher Asma Abdul-Baqi, and the faculty member at Al-Karkh University of Science, Dr. Alaa Jaweed, aims to prepare a new compound for the oxazole derivative of highly effective substances, Investigating the possibility of using it in the treatment of various skin infections.


The patent granted by the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control included the preparation of an oxazole derivative from the benzoyl chloride compound and its spectral diagnosis based on (NMR) and (IR), in addition to studying its toxicity in groups of mice and laboratory rabbits, and its effect on the bacteria causing the skin infections.


The results of the patent showed that the new prepared compound possesses high effectiveness in the treatment of skin infections and wounds within a short period of time without causing any toxic effect, and this confirms the possibility of benefiting from it in the future in the pharmaceutical applications used to treat skin infections.


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