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UNESCO Follows Up Iraqi Online Examinations

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Updated   02/09/2020 9:14 PM

During an online following up, the Iraqi ambassador to UNESCO and the representative of the international organization, Dr. Mahmoud Shaker Al-Mulla Khalaf reviewed the online exams in a number of Iraqi public and private universities and colleges.


Dr. Al-Mulla Khalaf conducted an online visit to the Universities of Basrah, Babylon, Baghdad, Mosul, Al-Muthana, Kufa, Diyala, Al-Mustansiriyah, Al-Karkh for Sciences, Gilgamesh and Al-Iraq College.


Dr. Al-Mulla Khalaf reviewed with a number of students, the examination committees, Presidents of Universities and Deans of the colleges.


Dr. Al-Mulla Khalaf also reviewed the greetings of the international organization in the general headquarters and those in charge of its administration and its branches in Beirut and Iraq to Iraqi Higher Education and students, as well as praising the experience of Iraqi universities and the strategy of the Ministry in orienting towards integrated learning for the next academic year besides confirming the organization’s readiness on providing support and attribution.


Dr. Al-Mulla Khalaf visited a number of students with Corona Virus who online examined despite illness and quarantine, as well as appreciating their determination and ability to face health challenges and contributing in reducing the effects of the epidemic and its repercussions on Iraqi community.

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