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UNESCO Appreciates Iraqi Higher Education’s Strategy on Adopting Blended Education

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Updated   02/09/2020 9:17 PM

The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Iraq to UNESCO in Paris appreciated the strategy of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on adopting blended education for the academic year 2020/2021 and continuing the educational process despite the COVID-19.


The UNESCO reviewed the blended education strategy of the Iraqi Higher Education, valued its procedures in the field of e-learning for theoretical curricula and adopting close education system for applied curricula besides taking into consideration health instructions.


The UNESCO stressed on the importance of securing electronic archiving of lectures, uploading the lectures to the approved platforms, clarifying mechanisms and programs for delivering lectures to students, electronic communication with them, providing scientific resources and adopting electronic evaluation of students’ activities.


The UNESCO blessed the Iraqi Higher Education and the universities’ exerted scientific efforts and continuing provision of strategies for developing and continuing the educational process in light of the requirements of the global educational reality.

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