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Dr. Abid Al-Sahib Calls On Supporting Community, Achieving Reform & Respecting Law

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Updated   02/09/2020 9:21 PM

During a letter to the Advisory Board, His Excellency, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Nabeel Kadim Abid Al-Sahib called on universities to actively contribute to support community, achieve reform and respect the law.


Dr. Abid Al-Sahib said that “The Ministry is keen on making the university to have a prominent and clear role in community, not only at the level of the classroom and scientific research, but directly with the community, as our community suffers from many issues and we have a responsibility to instill love, tolerance, cooperation, the values of creative professional work and respect for the law …”


His Excellency added that “This will be achieved when the universities have a prominent and significant role by forming teams in various social, health, guidance, educational, legal and public relations specializations”.


Dr. Abid Al-Sahib continued by saying that “The councils of the universities and colleges must define the environment that requires reform and development and cooperate with the State’s institutions to launch the project, as the thinking mind is the one that adopts solutions to the obstacles and problems, as well as today the community expects intellectuals to advance reality and improve the environment, economy, health, education and all the requirements for building the country”.

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