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Al-Karkh University of Science is received by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to participate in...

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Updated   01/12/2020 10:45 PM

His Excellency the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Prof. Dr. Hassan Nazim Al-Sayed, received the Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Prof. Dr. Thamir A. A. Hassan at the Ministry’s headquarter to activate the role of Al-Karkh University in solving strategic problems


During the visit, several matters were discussed, and the most important ones are the role of Al-Karkh University of Science at the level of institutional integration to solve problems in state ministries, including the Ministry of Culture, the restoration and assembly of the shattered archaeological pieces in a distinctive scientific way, in addition to the university's active role in the law of Samarra, the capital of Iraq for Islamic civilization.


In turn, His Excellency the Minister expressed his admiration for what Al-Karkh University of Science has achieved and for its rare specialties that serve the labor market and help solve some of the problems of the Ministry of Culture. The minister emphasized the creation of a special department for the (GIS) specialization in the future, and the inclusion of the specialty of the department of remote sensing in the ministry’s appointments at the Antiquities Authority and the Tourism Authority.


The Minister welcomed the visit of the Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science and to receive the invitation to attend the second international scientific conference held by the university and to visit the Abbasid Palace, after the Chancellor of the university summarized the situation of the dilapidated Abbasid palace, which is located near Bayt Al-Hikmah (House of Wisdom). The minister promised to visit the Abbasid palace and then join the conference.



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