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Al-Karkh University of Science holds its second international scientific conference entitled Towards...

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Updated   09/01/2021 9:53 PM

Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thamir A. A. Hassan, Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Al-Karkh University held its second international scientific conference for pure and applied sciences, under the slogan "Scientific research ... a fundamental pillar for building a sustainable Iraq", with the participation of researchers and specialists from various Local and foreign universities, and in the presence of prominent academic, scientific and political figures.


The conference discussed a set of scientific research in seven basic topics, which are nanotechnology, the medical physics, the renewable energies, the environment, the remote sensing, and the geophysics.


The conference included an exhibition of patents and industrial models and aims to provide opportunities for acquaintance and documenting the bonds of scientific communication between researchers within the various scientific disciplines of the conference, to get acquainted with the scientific developments of the various sciences presented through the conference topics, and to work to strengthen and consolidate scientific cooperation between academic institutions and relevant public and private sector institutions through the relevant topics of the conference. It also aims to the promotion and support of scientific research as a societal priority, especially applied scientific research, and studying scientific research issues and directing them to serve the national development process.

The chancellor of the university said in a speech during the conference: “The second international scientific conference was held, which included a number of research in seven main topics, the nanotechnology, the medical physics, the renewable energies, the environment, the remote sensing, and the geophysics. These completed research contributed in a rigorous way and subjected to the evaluation of specialized experts. The research presented was 147 and 82 papers were chosen to be within these topics. These papers were applied research that contribute to solving most of the basic problems that the state's institutions suffer from at the industrial, technical and medical level, and these research contribute to creating another model of the interaction model in state institutions so that there is an integral boundary between these institutions, and the attendance was distinguished by a number of ministries and there must be international transfers.

 We also do not forget that the effect of patents and activating their marketing by state institutions is a very important matter. The frustration among researchers and innovators is because not marketing their products, knowing that the existing patents are solutions to important problems through these inventors.”


Prof. Dr. Ihsan Al-Amin, Chairman of the House of Wisdom, said in a speech during the conference, "We congratulate the great scientific demonstration of Al-Karkh University of Science, which promises the advancement of the scientific aspect, and that the country is in need of what can be for these serious contributions that can create energies in our children, and we were pleased that we embrace this scientific conference in this ancient house and that students communicate with their history and their glories with scholars, as the House of Wisdom is the first university in history and it is a link between East and West and a great contribution to building the modern scientific renaissance in the world. Congratulations to Al-Karkh University, and our doors are always open for it to hold conferences.”


It is mentioned that the conference was held in the House of Wisdom Hall, in cooperation with the Association of Materials Science and Engineering and Nanotechnology - Iraq Branch.



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