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The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science meets the deans of the colleges and university students

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Updated   10/01/2021 9:27 PM

The Chancellor of Al-Karkh University of Science, Prof. Dr. Thamir A. A. Hassan, met with the deans of the colleges, heads of departments, faculty members, university staff, and students of the third and fourth stages.

 The Chancellor of the University gave a social and educational lecture on the history of Iraq and the stages of its establishment, to prepare  students as future work projects in the service of Iraq.

The lecture included the beginning of the establishment of the university and the founding of the first colleges and its  participation in international forums and its internal and external conferences. The lecture aims to set priorities for the advancement of the university's colleges and the development of the human, scientific and academic capabilities of the students and the raising of their leadership morale, for urging students to build the human being in a correct basis by stimulating human motivation, social solidarity, and volunteer work that serves everyone to create quantitative and qualitative change and cultivate the spirit of altruism and the spirit of love.

The Chancellor of the university focused on the situation of students  at the dormitories, taking care of them, and preparing the requirements for their places of residence. His Excellency praised the role of students of the third and fourth stages in building themselves, their deligence in study, and their leadership, leaving a good impact at the university and the imprint of those who come after them.

The university Chancellor added that nations are built with solidarity, cooperation and mutual support among all, defying despair, learning from mistakes, and cultivating a spirit of perseverance and persistence on success  to creat better change for the human being.

The Chancellor of the University concluded by praising the role of creative students and their skillful and artistic role in poetry, drawing and music, praising their distinguished activities for the university and praising their spirit to reach the level of role models, saying, “Creative people with the professors are the foundation builders of the university , and in your name I thank the creative students who seek to implement the slogan "leaving the place better than it was" whether it is the material place or the social and moral status of man. By you we win, achieve the goal, and reach the peak  by planting love for Iraq, yourselves, and society, improving our relationship with the Creator, glory be to Him, and avoiding the sins, by obeying him, honoring parents, and spreading the spirit of love. "
















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