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Students of Al-Karkh University of Science start the field geological course in the holy Karbala...

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Updated   25/04/2021 7:30 AM

The students of the College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics, in the fourth stage of the remote sensing and geophysics departments, embarked on the work of the geological field course that was held in the holy Karbala.


The first day included an exploratory tour of the Imam Ali Qattara area, which is located in the western desert of Karbala Governorate and is about 28 km2 from the governorate center near Razaza Lake. The identification of a typical description includes the name, the rocky nature, the relationship of the units to each other, their fossil content, the geological age and the source of their rocks. Knowledge of the geological structures includes surfaces of incompatibility, faults, folds, breaks, and geomorphological cracks of the region.


On the second day, as part of the field work curriculum, an introduction was presented on the origin of the Al-Tar Caves by the faculty members. These caves are historical archaeological caves located about 45 km southwest of Karbala and 15 km to the north-east of Fort Al-Ukhaidir, as it is located to the west of the ancient capital of Babylon, a distance of 80 km. The introduction aimed at studying the structures exposed in the area and the rocks that represent them.


The students were divided into working groups, training them, and acquainting them with the study of primary geological structures, the study of secondary geological structures, the study of geomorphological features in detail, and the report and drawing of the geological sections in the study area by the student groups.


The students acquired the skill of how to determine the tendency and racket of classes in general and how to measure them. They also learned how to study the topographic map and how to direct it, in addition to learning about some of the structural features present in the area and the geomorphological forms.













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