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Al-Karkh University of Science organizes an educational seminar on the importance of participating in the...

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Updated   23/09/2021 6:10 PM

Al-Karkh University of Science, in cooperation with the Independent High Electoral Commission, organized an educational seminar on the importance of participating in elections, as a guarantee of the integrity, justice and transparency of the democratic process.

 The seminar, which was presented by Dr. Haidar Shanawa Faisal, Technical Assistant to the Baghdad El-Karkh Elections Office, Mr. Wejdan Jabbar Abdel-Khaleq, Information Director of Baghdad El-Karkh Electoral Office, and Mr. Hassan Hadi Zayer,  Karkh Electoral media Office, included a review of the important aspects of the commission’s work stages and the procedures followed in preparing  for Parliament elections  Iraq 2021, to be held on the tenth of next October, emphasizing the importance of effective participation in the elections to ensure the achievement of electoral justice.

 The seminar aims to educate the voter about the necessity of participating in the Iraqi elections in order to achieve the requirements of democracy and to choose the right candidates to represent the voter in the Iraqi parliament




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