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The College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics at Al-Karkh University of Science organizes a lecture on...

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Updated   24/05/2021 11:33 AM

The College of Remote Sensing and Geophysics organized a scientific lecture within the periodic program of the Continuing Education Department entitled:


"The energy of the subsoil and its functions" presented by Prof. Dr. Hind Ibrahim Abdel Ghafour, head of the Quality Assurance and University Performance Division at the college, in the presence of a number of university faculty members, staff and students.


The lecture dealt with the topic of geothermal heat as a form of energy, and the reference to the temperature of the earth's crust and its increase with increasing depth, which indicates the existence of a temperature gradient in which the temperature increases towards the center of the earth; this fact was confirmed by measurements made in deep wells, and this phenomenon caused the emission of heat from Earth's core to the outside.


The lecture also included a scientific discussion about the earth’s containment of a furnace with a tremendous temperature that could reach 4200 degrees Celsius. Part of this temperature goes back to the stage of formation of the Earth, and the other part is the result of the radioactivity of radioactive materials in the ground.


The lecture referred to the most important areas for establishing stations operating on the heat of the earth's interior, which are the areas near the Ring Fire - where the volcanic activity surrounding the Pacific Ocean increases, as its deep layers are characterized by much higher temperatures than other regions due to the proximity of magma material to the surface.





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