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Karkh University of Science in the presence of Kumar University of Science and Technology - Sulaymaniyah...

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Updated   30/12/2021 8:28 AM

A scientific delegation from Karkh University of Science participated in the activities of the second scientific conference of the Society of Clinical Chemistry, which is held in cooperation with Kumar University of Science and Technology / Sulaymaniyah for the period 24-25 September 2021.


 as the delegation of Karkh University of Science participated with a group of researches on recent trends in clinical biosciences. The delegation had a distinguished and effective interventions that reflected the professors’ abilities to share modern scientific ideas


 It is noteworthy that the conference included more than fifty research participants in the form of presentation, and others in the form of a poster.


 The opening speeches emphasized the importance of scientific research as a means of development and building a better future for generations. The research also dealt with applied paths to address the blanks in the field of clinical chemistry.

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