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The President of Karkh University of Science honors the first graduates of the university for the year...

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Updated   30/12/2021 8:35 AM

In a ceremony organized by the university, the President of Karkh University of Sciences, Prof. Thamer Abdul Amir Hassan, honored the first graduates students of the Faculties of Remote Sensing and Geophysics and the Faculty of Science, in the presence of a number of their families.


 During the ceremony, the President of the University presented a lecture to the first graduates, which included their thanks for the great achievement they achieved, their patience and dedication to achieve the lead in their field of study, and he also thanked their families for urging and supporting their children to continue their education.


 His Excellency added that Al-Karkh University of Science was a pioneer in developing rare specialists in its three colleges that keep pace with the labor market, and will always aim higher by following up with the relevant ministries for opportunity to appoint the first graduates in these colleges.

 For their first job, the students and their families welcomed the university's initiative and its celebration of its first graduates, as they thanked the president of the university and the teaching staff who accompanied them throughout their studies.


 In conclusion, the President of the University honored the top three students from each department with a degree of honor from the university.
















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