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Al-Karkh University of Science
Vision … Message ... Goals

  Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is witnessing a huge scientific renaissance in fields of science and knowledge that exceeds the period of failures during the former Iraqi regime, through the establishment of new universities, faculties and scientific centers, as well as, choosing the specializations that would serve the country and the citizen and solving part of the problem of unemployment by relying on the experiences of professors and researchers. In addition, it gives an opportunity for the appointment of a scientific dedicated staff at these new universities and colleges that would help preparing a new generation, armed with science and knowledge, ready to take responsibility according to the plans put by specialists to meet the needs of the labor market and then granting other ministries with scientific staff in fields of defense, interior, education, industry, oil, environment, etc.
  Studying the current situation of Iraqi universities along with the expansion of private Universities creates a complex composition of academic and administrative work. In order to put solutions for these compositions, the Ministry considered a new strategy of establishing Universities that meets the needs of the labor market and absorbs a large number of students. 

  Alkarkh university of science is established to be a pioneer in consolidating the corporate culture and creating a university environment that would meet the aspirations of the students and reinforce their activities and developing the academic standards to measure the student's scientific and applied levels, through achieving Global accreditation standards for universities in all developing programs in order to graduate a generation capable of accomplishing what is assigned for and interactive with the scientific updates and laboratory instruments that are applicable in all the world.
 The university aims to reinforce the communication in all academic fields and seeking mutual cooperation with other Iraqi universities. The university takes all the responsibilities to motivate its students to follow-up the scientific and practical studies, keep pace with development, open up to the experiences of other universities in various fields and developing skills and scientific and administrative abilities at the university. Moreover, the university is responsible for making the programs and participating in it , as well as, qualifying scientific staff that is capable of creativity, using the most advanced teaching methods, expanding in the scientific researches, applying Total Quality standards and participating in serving the society through direct interaction with its institutions, providing specialized consulting and promoting continued education programs to connect with the universities and regional and international institutions and be up to date with their experiences so that to upgrade the performances of faculty members through intensifying teaching methods courses and workshops.

1- The university aims to obtain the certificate of international quality for education 
2- The university aims to reach at prominent place between universities 
3- The university seeks to achieve leadership through concentrating on the requested specialties and skills for graduates
4- Linking bachelor programs with higher studies programs in a way that would meet the needs of the labor market and this would lead to increase the spirit of competition in research programs
5- to seek mutual collaboration with the other institutions and scientific research centers
6- The university aspires to be a pioneer of investment of its resources and possibilities by spending more money and time on scientific and applied researches projects in order to grant other universities with practical experiences

 In order to achieve the above mentioned goals, the university has to gain the trust of the society and its citizens, moving to another new level of active contribution in its institution and put forth the effort to protect the environment locally and internationally.

1- The allocation of a piece of land, area 300 acres, for the University in order to establish laboratories and research centers 
2- Funding the University by preparing an annual budget that fits the requirements of both the infrastructure of the University and scientific research along with the strategic planning to expand in the future
3- The adaption of curriculum that based on the standards of the study and scientific research
4- Using modern methods in teaching that is consonant with e- revolution, as well as, following up the latest developments that occurs in the teaching methods 
5- Constant interaction with all the academic institutions inside or outside the country 
6- To participate in conferences and symposiums at local, regional and international levels
7- The establishment of a strong management with a coherent structure that consistent with the aspirations of the University and linked as a work triangle (student, teacher, employer)
8- Offering employment opportunities in the needed specializations 
9- The establishment of scientific journal for each faculty which depends on the academic standards in publishing
10- The preparation of training courses to rehabilitating the University staff

Strategy of scientific research
1- To put a research strategy for the university's colleges that will contribute in solving the social and economic problems
2- The allocation of annual budget to finance the researches listed within the priorities of ministry of higher education and scientific research through interacting with research and developments and adopting the innovations which will benefit the labor market and encouraging the private sector to support the scientific research, improve the production and competing the global markets
3- The university seeking to establish new centers in fields of laboratory tests which would help the researcher of both under graduate and post graduate studies from moving among the tests centers which would contribute to solve the waiting problem
4- To review the academic and technical programs and curricula of higher education
5- To qualify the libraries and providing the requested devices and samples for scientific research
6- Preparing training courses for the university teaching staff in order to improve their abilities and keep them at pace with the latest technical updates 
7- Providing a supportive staff of technicians and administrations that will help the requirements of scientific research 
8- Seeking collaboration with corporations and scientific research institutions inside and outside scientific researchers Iraq through making researches and exchange of skills and experiences that would lead to produce a well trained generation of researchers 
9- Encouraging the researches to get benefit of their membership at local and international associations and what they offer 
10- to review the structure of the universities to strengthen the scientific research and take advantage of the outputs of the scientific research for the beneficiaries 
11- Publishing the results of scientific researches in well known local and international publications 
12- Linking the scientific research with the objectives and plans of the university through the benefit of the previous studies 
13- Motivating the researchers of the university teaching staff and students to make innovative researches that will help enriching the specialized knowledge in serving the society, providing scientific advice and developing practical and scientific solutions for the problems that are facing the society through the studies that are required by government and private agencies 
14- Encouraging the researchers to obtain Patents and providing a suitable environment to apply their researches in addition to subscribe with the industrial sector for marketing 
15- The university seeks to provide the methods of scientific documentation to facilitate the researchers missions and e-benefit in fields of research as well as, collecting the statistics relating to the management of scientific research

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